This Year, Book Robaire and Katrina for your Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again. The chill is in the air. Some of you will be planning your Christmas & Holiday parties (or will know others that are). Katrina and Robaire are now accepting bookings. Why not give your guests an office holiday party they will remember long after the rum and eggnog are gone?

It’s not too early to book your holiday party!
Watch these two clips to understand more about Robaire’s performances.

Is it real or is it an illusion?

Interested in learning more about Robaire’s Magic for the Intelligent Mind?

Simply fill out the form for a no obligation consultation with Robaire!

When you contact us to book State of Mind with Robaire and the lovely Katrina, get ready to experience mentalism and magic like you’ve never felt before. Is it real? Or is it an illusion? If you think you understand Magic for the Intelligent Mind, think again. Discover a world of wonder, mystery and enchantment where Robaire will suspend the laws of space, time, cause and effect right before your eyes.

Make this a truly different, memorable and enchanting Holiday Party for your staff, family or friends.
Are you ready to transform your mind?


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